Cryptocurrencies: “Pump and Dump” with u. cash? Bitcoin moves closer to important level

The “established” cryptocurrencies are still in a kind of waiting position. It’s only progressing at the moment in tiny tripple steps. As always, ripple and ethereum run relatively simultaneous to bitcoin, whereas ripple seems to have the least momentum at the moment.


Bitcoin is currently trading at $8851. As you can see in the chart (price history since February 6th), it´s slowly trying to sneak up to the high of $9000 on Saturday, February 10th. In the night from Monday to Tuesday he narrowly failed with the last high at 8956 points (second circle in the chart). Currently it seems to want to make another attempt. Once again, we would like to point out that if the 9000 mark were exceeded, air would be up to $10,000. This is of course (!) no guarantee.

The new cryptocurrency called “u. cash” has recently been buzzing through the media landscape. The crypto-scene became aware of this crypto unit because it was quickly pulled up in its market capitalization (number of coins x price).

In the scene the rumor is spreading that this “u. cash” was pushed artificially high in price by the well-known “pump and dump” method. After all, if you push something artificially high and it gets into the consciousness of many spontaneous, unsuspecting gamblers, they could simply join in without thinking too much, and thus push the price even higher. Then the first pushers could step out of the race on higher prices.

In just a few days u. cash was able to jump on the most important information page “Coinmarketcap” on place 21 of the most important cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization) with 1.8 billion dollars. That was 1000% profit for this unknown crypto unit. Now, u. cash is back down in 33rd place with a market value of “only” 762 million dollars. Shortly before, a new unit called ECash was launched. Sounds almost as if someone is going to release cryptocurrencies on the assembly line, but has relatively little imagination (ECash, u. cash…) when it comes to naming.

u. cash speaks for itself of the revolution of the financial system. At the moment, cash is offered exclusively via the trading platform BTC-Alpha for trading! According to Coinmarketcap, this platform ranks 54th among the largest crypto exchanges. So, please look on new hypes with caution!

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