Cryptocurrencies: The transparent bank customer could come

Not only institutional investors are interested in cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, whole states also come to taste. Many already accept cryptocurrencies, and there are even vending machines in some countries.  Now South Korea is also betting on this and would like to become cashless. For some time now, the South Korean central bank has been working on the abolition of cash. Possibilities have already been created, for example, not to receive change in coins when shopping, but the sum could also be loaded onto a prepaid card. Now the central bank wants to go further – for this crypto currencies and the blockchain technology should help. South Korea’s goal is to become cashless by 2020. The aim is not only to combat the informal economy and tax evasion, but also to give reasons such as cost reductions in the production of physical banknotes and customer friendliness.


As we wrote yesterday, we also expected the through from Bitcoin. Now he made a new top and was at the top at 9823 dollars. Currently Bitcoin is in a small correction with 9597 dollars, which should not be a hindrance on the way to the 10,000 dollar mark. The reset could go as high as $9400. By then at the latest Bitcoin should brake and take the way up again. We expect it to reach its target price of $10,000 in the short term.



The second largest crypto currency, Ethereum, already had a strong start yesterday and will not be deterred on its way up. The small hurdle at $780 should be quickly overcome and clear the way to its next price target of $880. Currently, Ethereum is on a nice uptrend at 776 dollars. Some see ETH already at the end of the year at 15,000 dollars. Well, we want to get rid of these predictions and develop our analyses anew every day. Fantasies drive the market, but that’s a bit far-fetched. The short-term goals can also achieve a very good performance.


All previously written crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have seen further price increases. Only Ripple is currently in a sideways movement. However, we see great potential for further gains and a short time to the 1 dollar mark, even though Ripple has recently been torn apart by the British National Bank and the UK is struggling with crypto currencies.

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