Cryptocurrencies: Market environment remains weak

In the cryptocurrencies, the overall market environment remains rather subdued and weak. For the time being, there were no current data to report. And we do not want to reproduce exaggerated analyses here. One sees Bitcoin at $2800, and the other at $91,000. There is enough imagination in the current market situation. After all, the market lives on fantasy, greed and fear. Otherwise he would never move.


The best known and most popular of all cryptocurrencies is probably Bitcoin. After an exteme rise last year, it was now time for the downswing. What happens next with Bitcoin? Yesterday he recovered to his resistance. However, Bitcoin was able to maintain this level for a long time and bounced off without further ado. Bitcoin is currently moving downwards again and is at $8350. There is also nothing to see that could change that. On the contrary. The odds of him reaching $7800 are very high. Should Bitcoin also slip through this mark, the low from the beginning of February is also quite in at 6900 dollars



At Ethereum, too, the chart tends to read to the south. The recovery is rather weak, and ETH is clearly continuing its downward trend. Currently, Ethereum is at $510. We see a fairly high probability that it could reach $470. There he will meet his support from November 2017.


Ripple is slightly below his support. Otherwise the chart technique does not look rosy for Ripple. If that should prove to be the case, we could once again experience a real downward swing there.

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