Cryptocurrencies: The logic of speculators, and four unknown alternatives with some advantages

Bitcoin is still the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. In the past few days, BTC has fallen into the background. The failure at the $ 20,000 major mark and the large correction that followed have deterred some speculators. Bitcoin could therefore consolidate for a while before the rally continues.

The outlook for Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin remains positive in the short term. Ethereum is likely to crack the $ 1,000 mark in the near future, and then find new momentum. Ripple is expected to rise at least $ 5. Bitcoin could consolidate for a while yet, but the overall crypto strength is likely to maintain interest in BTC.

Alternative cryptocurrencies

The logic of many crypto-speculators is the following: Why buy the “expensive” Bitcoin, if you can distribute money in the lesser-known cryptocurrencies and hope for a similar rally? While it is impossible for cryptocurrencies to establish a fair price and say it is cheap or expensive. But since this is a market dominated by speculators, it makes sense.

Therefore, in recent weeks there has been an increased interest in less prominent cryptocurrencies such as Cardano, NEM, Stellar, TRON and NEO. If you look at the charts of these cryptocurrencies, it’s not surprising. Many speculators are now chasing the high returns in these cryptocurrencies. But what are Cardano, NEM, Stellar, etc? Even if it´s pure speculation, it can´t be bad to take a closer look:

Cardano (ADA)

* The strongest ETH competition so far

* Not just a cryptocurrency, but also a platform that wants to improve smart contracts

* The Cardano team consists of a team of distinguished academics and engineers


* A smart asset platform that allows users to customize the NEM Blockchain technology.

* The advantage is that NEM offers higher security than ETH and BTC

Stellar lumens

* Cross Border Payment Platform

* Partnership with Deloitte and IBM

* IBM already uses the Stellar international money transfer platform


* Blockchain-based and decentralized protocol

* Goal: Worldwide free content entertainment system

* TRON wants to create a protocol that allows any user to freely publish and store data without using a centralized service.

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