Cryptocurrencies: The ground has not yet been reached

Despite the slight recovery in the cryptocurrencies, we should not be deceived. The ground may not have been reached yet. So we have to invest with caution. Basically, however, we are of the opinion that cryptocurrencies with their blockchain technology will prevail and we are faced with something really big. Meanwhile, there are already Master’s degree courses in cryptocurrencies at various universities. And the Telegram Group Inc. with its recently raised capital of 1.7 billion dollars for its ICO shows that the market is larger than people think.


But no other asset class has even begun to discuss as much as cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. Basically, one should form one’s own opinion. Especially politicians, banks etc. prefer to talk Bitcoin and Co dead, and young innovative people see a new future in it. We can be curious who will ultimately prevail. Even though we believe that some of the crypto currencies will enter the market and herald a new future, the end of the correction is not yet in sight. Bitcoin is currently moving sideways at 6900 dollars between 6400 dollars and 7500 dollars. A downward breakthrough is more likely at the moment than an upward breakthrough. But we like to be surprised.



Ethereum had also lost more than 70% of its values beforehand and bounced on its great support. This one seems to be very well trained and he is currently heading north again. Ethereum executes intelligent contracts, programmed applications without downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party intervention. Ethereum helps to develop software solutions and programs at company level. That is why we believe in the future of Ethereum.


Ripple has also reached the upper range of its sideways movement. And even if everything at Ripple is fundamentally consistent, we still see a price target of 0.33 dollars. Here too, the correction has not yet come to an end.

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