Cryptocurrencies in the current price check: Ethereum is currently the clear winner over Bitcoin and Ripple

Strangely enough, Bitcoin seems to have lost its power since the futures trading started in December at CME and CBOE. But apart from that, the Price performance in the weeks before was so gigantic that it could not go on forever with this massive price increases.

Bitcoin with break

Bitcoin had taken a jump last weekend to climb past highs, but did not go beyond $17,000. At the moment, you’re bobbing up and down at $14,500. Of course, the price movements are gigantic compared to stocks or “normal” currency pairs, but for the bitcoin itself, the current phase is almost tiring.

Bitcoin since October.


The highflyer of the last few days Ripple could only hold its upward trend until last Friday (prices above 3 dollars). Since then it is a little down move, yesterday already down to 1.88 dollars (currently 2.24). Here too, the percentage movements are enormous. But the chart shows that at least now there is a break in the upward trend.

Ripple since November.


While Bitcoin and Ripple are currently weakening, only Ethereum as one of the three major cryptocurrencies is currently showing a clear upward trend. This may change at any time, of course, but according to the current situation the chart looks good for crypto bulls. Alone since January 2, there has been an increase from 746 to up to 1242 dollars today. The Ethereum price is currently $1190. At the moment, this price is the hottest market for the bulls among the big three, because there is currently no sign of a setback or a dent in the chart.

Ethereum since October.

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