Cryptocurrencies: Cheer up, bulls, now there’s more hope!

We have described it several times over the last few days. Slowly the cryptocurrencies are creeping up, first over an intermediate high from last weekend, and now over the second major barrier from mid-January.


In concrete terms, this movement is best seen in Bitcoin. Yesterday evening he jumped over $10,000, this extremely important round mark, which also reaches back to mid-January as an important chart barrier (shown on the chart). Until tonight, Bitcoin ran up to $10,230 to get back to $9835. But most importantly, the 10,000 have been overrun. Thus the chart is open for further increasing prices.

As always, it´s very important to mention that this does not guarantee that prices will rise now. Only the likelihood is significantly better that a start is now being made on significantly higher prices. Here is the large chart since November.

Ethereum and Ripple

With prices above 900 dollars (currently 916), you can link Ethereum to the optimism of Bitcoin. The chart is similar. Ripple didn’t move over yesterday, and it´s stuck at $1.07. There is still no attempt to reach the $1.20 from last weekend. So: The chart bulls should prefer to look at Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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