Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin remains stable

The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple seem to be coming to rest for the time being and remain stable at their current level. But where are we going? At least today it looks like Bitcoin is running sideways. Trading in cryptocurrencies is very speculative, but the technology behind it is far more interesting. As has become known in the crypto scene, even Google is working on the blockchain technology – which is of course very interesting. First Google issues an advertising ban on crypto currencies, then they themselves build on the overall theme.


As mentioned above, Bitcoin is quite stable at the moment. Currently, we assume that it continues to move sideways today in a range between 8400 dollars and 9200 dollars. Bitcoin may try to run up to his resistance – but it doesn’t currently look like it’s trying to break through to the top. We should also give the cryptocurrency this break to gather and reorientate itself.



Ethereum is clearly worse positioned than Bitcoin in the chart. Like the other cryptocurrencies, it is moving sideways, but there is no recovery. Currently, Ethereum is around 520 dollars. That’s where it’s weakening right now. The risk of further price losses is quite high. However, we see quite good support at 450 dollars.


Ripple also remains quite stable at his support at 0.62 dollars. However, the trend here is also continuing to go down a bit. But there are also positive news at Ripple: for example, Sandander Bank wants to use Ripple’s money system for cross-border transfers, and Ripple also wants to expand into China.

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