Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple still stable

The dead live longer. Many had already given up the cryptocurrencies when the big hype was over. Even the first quarter of 2018 was not conducive to Bitcoin and Co. However, it is also said that the stock exchange is not a one-way street. Where it goes up, it goes down. You could read new negative headlines every day, including advertising bans in social media channels. One could almost speak of a campaign from business and politics.

It cannot be denied that we also have bubble formation in the cryptocurrencies. The hype was mainly fueled by greed, but the group of supporters of cryptocurrencies and their blockchain technology is growing. Back to the bubble on the crypto markets. What do politicians actually say about the zero interest policy? What about the sharp rise in real estate prices worldwide, or, for example, the Dax and the stock market? Do you remember where the Dax stood 10 years ago?


Bitcoin remains quite stable at its level and runs along its upward trend line. Meanwhile, more positive words are also coming up again in the media compared to Bitcoin. A study recently came to disprove this as a transshipment point for dark business. Many politicians and economists who have spoken out against crypto currencies are also rowing back a bit. What can we expect today? Well, we think Bitcoin will choose a quiet sideways market today. The current range should not be exceeded or undershot.



According to media reports NASA is now looking into Ethereum’s technology. This is to be a research project for decentralised control and evaluation for unmanned space vehicles. We also see Ethereum sideways in the market, although it also has potential for further growth, and could reach the 550 dollar mark.


Ripple has moved upwards, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is where we see further upside potential today. Current reports on Ripple are not available today.

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