Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin with a breather, upswing forEthereum and Ripple

Bitcoin is pricing at 13,262 USD now at the beginning of 2018. What a disappointment? It remains a question of your personal view. In the short-term horizon, the chart looks like a bitter disappointment for bulls. Since December 17, BTCUSD has lost nearly $ 7,000. That’s hard.

The price development in Bitcoin since November 2017.

But in the following longer-term chart it looks very different. The exaggeration has released air, and now the price has recovered. With the gigantic percentage increases you would give every other share or currency a long breather! But somehow, at least that’s the way it works – Bitcoin looks like it´s floppy since it’s synthetically tradable on futures exchanges as a futures contract.

The price development in Bitcoin since February 2017.

Ethereum and Ripple

The situation at Ethereum and Ripple looks completely different. No breather! Ethereum reached new all-time highs today and even shot up to $ 884 (now $ 839). The chart clearly shows that the path seems to be clear for now (technical view).

The price development in Ethereum since November 2017.

Ripple is also on a good climb, even though intraday last Saturday the price was already at $ 2.39 (now $ 1.96). But the end-of-day (visible per candle) chart shows a currently positive upswing, day by day.

The price history in Ripple since November 2017.

Ripple is much more recognized in the financial industry than Bitcoin. Especially with Asian banks Ripple is apparently massively on the rise (the “Bitcoin of the banks”). Ripple now has a market capitalization of $ 90 billion, ahead of Ethereum at $ 85 billion. Bitcoin is still the No 1 with $ 220 billion.

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