Corona Crisis: Will Trump still be re-elected? Video outlook (german)

The Corona Crisis has hit the USA like no other country with a massive increase in unemployment. Can Trump still win the US presidential election in such an economic environment? This is a crucial question, especially for the stock markets. After all, Trump is considered a major tax-cutter and deregulator. Wall Street would probably not have it as easy as before with a US Democratic president. What is decisive, however, is how the US consumer survives the corona crisis. And here an analysis shows that the conditions for a rapid recovery are anything but favourable. Will Trump be elected by voters who are in a bad economic situation? Probably not! That is why Trump will try to focus voters’ attention on other areas: on the “deep state”, which in his view includes everyone who is not for him. And in terms of foreign policy, on China, Iran and North Corea.

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