Car registrations: Strong statistical growth pretends to be a perfect world

This morning, the European Automobile Association ACEA presented the car registrations for the month of October for the EU. If we just look at the headline number, then the world is already in order again in the car industry. If we compare October 2018 with October 2019, car registrations in the EU rose by 8.7% to 1.177 million vehicles. For Germany it is an increase of 12.7% to 284,593 vehicles.

In addition, ACEA even mentions that the current status represents the highest October value for ten years! So, everything is fine again? No. Because in his remarks ACEA also notes that car registrations fell by 7.3% exactly one year ago. Because at that time the WLTP test procedures had come into force, which caused a slump in sales figures. This would have given today’s figures a low reference value, namely the weak data for October 2018. So we can currently report a great increase for optics, because October 2018 was so extraordinarily bad.

From January to October 2019, car registrations in the EU as a whole fell by 0.7%. This shows that the car industry is still in a sales crisis. Back to the month of October again. Where all large countries in the EU are currently able to achieve good growth thanks to this statistical effect, the UK is collapsing sharply with -6.7% year-on-year!

The VW plant in Emden. Photo: Ra Boe CC BY-SA 3.0 de
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