Car registrations in April: The total collapse in Spain and Italy!

The European Automobile Association ACEA today published data for car registrations in the EU for the month of April. April was the worst corona month, as it brought car shows and the whole of economic life in Europe to a virtual standstill. This can also be seen from the percentage drop in car registrations. Compared to April 2019, they are down 76.3 percent, after -55.1 percent in March! The total collapse took place in April, so to speak!

The worst crash ever recorded in car registrations

This crash in car registrations is the worst ever measured according to ACEA! The number of registered cars drops from 1.14 million to only 271,000 in April. Where the corona crisis raged the worst and the shut down was implemented the most stringently, it was of course also the least possible to buy any new cars at all. That’s why car registrations in Spain and Italy collapse almost completely with -96.5 percent and -97.6 percent respectively. With “only” -61.1 percent, one can almost speak of a moderate crash for Germany? France has been hit very hard with -88.8 percent.

And logically, countries in the EU where restrictions were very loose or almost non-existent are relatively unaffected by declining car registration figures. Sweden, for example, only recorded a minus of 37.5 percent, Finland is at -38.6 percent and Denmark at -37 percent. So, the Scandinavians have come through the crisis more relaxed (but with high infection and death rates). In April, they also bought cars diligently. Not quite as much as a year ago, but the number is limited. By the way: Great Britain, where you are “somehow” already halfway out of the EU, recorded a minus of 97.3 percent in car registrations in April.

Autozulassungen in der EU im April im Detail
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