New shock polls for Trump: Biden, Sanders in front – and USA on course for confrontation with Iran

A column from New York by Herbert Bauernebel

Even according to the very Trump-friendly channel “Fox News“, the US president is ten percent behind the top Democrat among presidential candidates, Joe Biden.

Even Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is nine percent ahead of Trump.

The horror numbers for Trump come before the official start of the election campaign on Tuesday in front of 20,000 supporters in Orlando (Florida).

The poll results are also disastrous in the swing states that will decide the election in 2020: There Trump is up to 17 percent behind Biden, as internal survey data revealed by US media show.

Trump snapped: He fired pollsters because of the media leaks.

Trump is at least outwardly optimistic: he will easily win the re-election because he made the USA “great”, he claims.

Iran crisis: USA and Iran on collision course

According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo there is more evidence that Iran is actually behind the tanker attack – but allies like Japan or Germany are demanding more conclusive evidence about Tehran’s role.

Herbert Bauernebel has been a freelance U.S. correspondent in New York since 1999. He runs the information portal with blogs, analyses and news – from “Breaking News” to political excitement, from trends from “Silicon Valley” to Wall Street.

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