Buy US equities now? Jochen Stanzl provides at least one good argument

Should we still buy shares at this high level? Especially US equities are going from record to record, which can make you quite dizzy. To save you time, dear readers: Jochen Stanzl from CMC Markets, Robert Halver from Baader Bank and Michael Blumenroth from Deutsche Bank chat in the following very up-to-date video (german) about the trade deal between China and the USA, which is to be signed tomorrow. Then, starting at minute 5:30, the video deals with the profit prospects of US corporations. According to Jochen Stanzl, the market did not know for the last two years whether the US economy was sliding into recession. According to current estimates, the “profit recession” in the USA will end in 2020. This would be positive for US stocks, he said. He added that the prices are already pricing in the market now. The Dax does not run at the same pace as the US market. What to do? Robert Halver still sees catch-up potential in the European stock market. Michael Blumenroth tries to explain why gold can also perform well parallel to equities.

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