British Pound: Disappointment about May`s X-th Brexit hotshot

And again. How many times has Theresa May promised a “new Brexit deal”? But no, it turned out differently. She has already submitted the same plan which is itself only a provisional solution to the parliament for a vote three times. And it was rejected three times. Actually that would have been long enough to resign as prime minister. The pound is disappointed. But more on that at once.

May´s “new” Brexit plan

Yesterday the news came up that Theresa May really had an idea and would present something new. And what is it about? She wants to make Brexit possible again as a referendum – but only if Parliament agrees to her Brexit plan first. In other words: If the electors vote for the Brexit again it can only be implemented as Theresa May wants it to be. All right? Who is going to get involved in such a strange construction?

May´s own party will never allow the people to vote again on the Brexit. That is almost certain. And Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear for the opposition that he no longer believes Theresa May anyway. So why should the members of parliament agree to May`s Brexit Plan in the fourth attempt at the beginning of June?

Jeremy Corbyn said a few hours ago that May´s new deal is actually the old, bad deal only in a new shell. You can’t support that (as an opposition). Let’s be honest. Who can still believe in Theresa May or trust her? Felt a thousand times she said in the parliament in the last months and years that Brexit means Brexit and that there will be no new referendum.

Now what about that? May´s draft law which will probably be rejected by members of parliament at the beginning of June provides on the one hand for members of parliament to decide for themselves whether citizens are allowed to vote again. However this would only be possible if members of parliament approve the deal in advance. And the parliament should also be allowed to vote on whether the UK should remain in the customs union with the EU for a certain period of time.

British Pound continues to fall

What form of increase in chaos is existent? “May”? Really! It is hardly conceivable that she will get a majority in parliament at the beginning of June. The foreign exchange market which yesterday actually hoped that May will present something really new has lost hope in the meantime. The British Pound continues to fall today. At 1.2666 it is currently lower than yesterday and also at its lowest level since January! Today Theresa May wants to inform the parliament about the details of her “new plan”. Hotshots number 4!

British Pound vs USD since October 2018.
EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani and Theresa May. Photo: European Parliament “CC-BY-4.0: © European Union 20XY – Source: EPCC BY 2.0

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