Boeing quarterly figures: Disastrous figures, but share price up

Beispielbild einer Boeing-Maschine

Boeing`s quarterly figures have just been published. Here are the most important key data.

The turnover is 17.91 billion Dollars (previous year 28.34/expected 21.67).

Loss (!!!) is 2.33 Dollars per share (previous year value +5.48/expected +1.47).

The Boeing share is quoted pre-market at +1.7%.

Sales of commercial aircraft (i.e. without the military division) fall from 16.5 to 7.5 billion Dollars! The operating cash flow decreases from +15.3 to -2.4 billion Dollars. Of course, the financial data are significantly negatively affected by the debacle around the 737 Max.

Production of the 787 is to be reduced from 14 to 12 aircrafts per month from the end of 2020.

Data for the whole year:

Boeing Jahresdaten

Here is the data for the last quarter in relation to the same quarter of the previous year:


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