Brief and clear: Shock survey for Trump – Biden pulls far away

A short column from New York by Herbert Bauernerbel:

The Democrat favorite Joe Biden is far ahead according to a new national survey by Quinnipiac University with 13 percentage points.

The figures point to a possible landslide victory in the 2020 elections. Virtually all other “Dems” candidates are also ahead of Trump.

But the president prefers to ignore the signals: he called the survey “nonsense”. According to the reports, however, he also doubts the survey data of his own experts.

Meanwhile the first battle in Iowa is taking place: Biden called Trump an “existential threat to America” during an appearance in the important US pre-election state. Trump immediately downgraded Biden as the “mentally weakest candidate”.

Herbert Bauernebel has been a freelance U.S. correspondent in New York since 1999. He runs the information portal with blogs, analyses and news – from “Breaking News” to political events, from trends from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

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