Bank of America Quarterly Earnings: Sales below, profit above expectations – Trump effect drastically lower than at Citi

Bank of America quarterly figures have just been published. Here are the most important key figures.

Sales totaled $20.4 billion (prior-year quarter: $19.99/expected $21.3 billion).

Earnings per share were $0.47 (prior-year quarter: $0.41/expected to be $0.44).

0.47 is the adjusted profit, where the one-time costs of Trump’s tax reform have already been eliminated. In fact, with the non-recurring additional tax expenses included, the profit is only 0.20 dollars. The tax effect therefore amounts to 0.27 dollars per share in the last quarter, or a total of 2.9 billion dollars (Citi 18 billion dollars).

The share is quoted at +0.61% pre-market.

Cosumer banking turnover +10%.

Global Wealth and Investment Management +7%.

Global Banking +10%.

Global Markets -9%.

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