Artificial intelligence (AI): what you need to know about the megatrend

Dear Investors,

today we are already surrounded by applications of artificial intelligence (AI) practically on a daily basis. These applications are particularly widespread on the Internet. Intelligent or smart software decides which advertising we see on the Internet. The language assistants Alexa (Amazon) and Siri (Apple) are already artificially intelligent and can imitate human behaviour. Meanwhile, these devices can even imitate limited expressions of human emotion such as sympathy or disappointment.

This is the definition: AI enables different software to imitate human thinking and behavior. In addition, smart software recognizes recurring patterns and learns from them (machine learning). Of course, AI is of particular importance for the automotive industry. The self-propelled vehicle or robot car replaces the human driver with its own control system. The requirements here are extreme. Especially when the controller has to decide in fractions of a second in a borderline situation. The market for AI applications is therefore very complex and currently still quite confusing. As a result, almost all sizes of the Internet and software industry are present in this market segment.

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