Apple: This is what you need to know about the current quarterly figures

Dear broker,

Apple’s shares conquer a new all-time high almost every week. The price was fired by the quarterly figures. Although the profit was 3% lower than in the previous year. Apple’s stock is an excellent example of expectations being traded on the stock market. For comparison: A year ago Apple was able to increase its profit in one quarter by 32%. As a result, the share lost almost 50% of its value. Prophets of doom interpreted the declining sales volume of iPhones as a warning signal and gave investors favourable purchase prices. But in the meantime the signs have changed. Since the beginning of the year, the share has already gained more than 60%. Apple is the most valuable company in the world today. With the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has conquered the crown among technology companies. Even today, the phone still generates more than half of Apple’s sales. However, this part of the revenue decreases from quarter to quarter. The fact that iPhone sales are declining paradoxically speaks for the rising of the stock.

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