Anticipate: Why these brokerage stocks could soon go up massively!

Everyone would like to be able to do that. Buy stocks before they go through the roof. Currently, such an opportunity presents itself, although of course we can´t guarantee the success of this scenario! It is and remains a speculation that one must deliberately engage in, or not.

The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co have come into the consciousness of the financial scene in the now expiring 4th quarter, and literally exploded. Brokers and trading platforms reported extremely high numbers on new account openings. Spreads and commissions are likely to fill the pockets of brokers well with this new business. The european Trading Community is now jumping on this trend, which is already well under way in Asia.

Therefore, the following scenario can occur: If the brokers offering CFDs on Bicoins etc publish their quarterly results for the fourth quarter of 2017 at the end of January / beginning of February 2018, there can (not necessarily) be really positive surprises in returns. That can make the stocks leap up in one fell swoop.


There is for example, the very active Broker Plus500. The stock had a strong boost in August, which had nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. In the last few months, when the cryptos experienced their great resurgence on the financial markets, the stock wasn´t going up. For speculators who want to bet on good quarterly numbers, this could be a good chance. Plus500 has so far announced that it´s expected to report numbers at 21st of February.

The performance of the Plus500 share since May.

IG Group

The price of the IG share has risen only relatively tired from September to now from 630 to 723 pence, when you think about the possible outlook, what can happen with a revenue boost through the cryptos. Of course, the increasing regulations in Europe are slowing down CFD and forex providers like IG. But you could speculate, as we said, that the cryptos could bring a big boost. IG wants to report numbers on January 23.

The price development of IG since May.

GAIN Capital

An example of the anticipation of this scenario is the recently published opinion of “MOX Reports”, where they see the stock of “GAIN Capital” at a price target of $ 18-23, because the company with its brands “City Index” and “” is about to enter the crypto market. Apparently only because of the opinion of this not particularly well-known analysis firm, the stock rose yesterday from 7.80 to 9.85 dollars. And with GAIN you have to remember that they´re just starting to enter this market. The aforementioned brokers are already massively active there! GAIN has no date for the publication of numbers.

The GAIN Stock price since June.

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