Aktuell: Trump über China-Deal – besser warten bis nach den US-Wahlen! Aktienmärkte geschockt!

Just now Trump with a statement that the stock markets do not like at all. It would probably be better to wait until after the US elections (November 2020) to make a deal with China. It is solely up to him whether the deal will be made or not! He has no time pressure to make this deal…

The stock markets react with losses, after all, the deal has long been priced in many times!

Forexlive comments aptly on this:

„Uh oh, that can’t be good. He’s basically showing no hurry at all to try and get anything done and it basically sends a message that markets shouldn’t be too hasty to try and price in anything right now if this „will they, won’t they?“ thing drags on well into next year.“

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