Cryptocurrencies: The bulls are coming

Especially Ripple, the third strongest of the cryptocurrencies, awakes from his hibernation. In the last few days he has made a brilliant upturn. First, Ripple called for more regulation, and suddenly the EU parliament decides on stricter rules for crypto currencies. For example, the identity of users and their wallet addresses must be stored in a central database.

Details of the use of payment systems by users’ self-declarations must be recorded. For example, the alleged anonymity of virtual currencies and the associated “potential for abuse for criminal purposes” is to be abolished. Amazon is also coming around the corner with a new patent. A patent has been granted for a marketplace that is to offer data streams. The patented marketplace also includes Bitcoin transactions. If this patent succeeds, we can say goodbye to privacy.


As we expected yesterday, Bitcoin is moving relaxed along its uptrend line. First a short test for support, then back up again. Bitcoin is currently trading at $8250. It would be interesting if he could stand out like Ripple and attack the 8900 dollar mark. We can be curious. In any case, it seems to be quite well secured at the bottom.



At Ethereum we see a similar picture as at Bitcoin. As we suspected, he attacked the $560 mark. Now it will be decided whether the way up will be clear, or whether we will see a setback. We could imagine him coming back to $520 and then turning north again.


Ripple beat the performance of the two predecessors in our article by far yesterday, and recorded a brilliant increase.  However, there is also a negative headline. The billionaire and Ripple proponent Matthew Mellon has passed away. He made two million dollars in Ripple and made over a billion dollars out of it. Yesterday’s rise has pushed Ripple right to his next resistance at $0.8735. That is why we expect a calmer market today.

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